Care Guide

Jewellery will last long time if looked after well. In order to protect your Jewellery and to keep your pieces looking as good as new, please follow these few simple guidelines.

Things to consider

  • When storing your Jewellery, it is best to keep these pieces separate in a soft cloth bag or pouch away from other Jewellery, to avoid the risk of scratching and prevent oxidation (blackening).
  • We advise that jewellery should be removed before sleeping, engaging in exercise, undertaking physical activity such as gardening or other heavy duty activities to avoid unintentional damage.
  • Remove your Jewellery when bathing, showering and swimming as soaps, shampoos, chlorine and saltwater may be harmful to your Jewellery.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, creams, cosmetics and hairsprays as well as any other chemical or acid based products.
  • Treat delicate and hollow items with extra care as they may become damaged under impact or pressure.


  • Silver pieces can be cleaned using silver wipe.
  • For pieces set with crystals and pearls, do not use any Jewellery cleaning solutions, as this may affect the lustre and loosen the setting of the stones. To clean these more delicate items, use a tissue or soft polishing cloth to wipe away any grease or marks.